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Pipe technology

our pipe jacking can be used in different terrain conditions

Shaft technology

We have systems for all soil types and develop shafts up to 100 m deep

Special components

We give you solutions for problematic conditions aside!

At home in Bavaria, successful throughout the world!

Innovation and experience: For more than 40 years, Gollwitzer has stood for bespolke Pipe and Shaft systems. We develop and produce sophisticated one-off solutions for our partners throughout the world — reliably, flexibly, competently.

And that's not all. As a full service provider we support our customers throughout all phases of project development: from consulting and development via logistics to final implementation. 

Leonhard Gollwitzer, CEO

The benefit for our partners — a one stop shop for pipe and shaft solutions. Our Pipes are used throughout the world for supplying drinking water, oil, gas and electricity. They are also used in sewage disposal or as medium tunnels. Especially when it comes to shaft construction we develop innovative systems — for almost all soil types and possible uses.

In the past 40 years we have completed several thousand projects both at home and abroad.

Enclosed construction

Know-how in all areas



Jacking Pipes


Pipe design

Static calculation



Our range of services

We develop pipe and shaft systems for virtually every requirement.
We assist clients throughout the world with our know-how.
Our most important areas of expertise are:

Design and construction
  • Pipe and shaft design
  • Jacking stations (intermediate jacking stations)
  • Bentonite lubrication systems
  • Pressure pipes
  • Inliners
  • Special built-in parts
  • Static calculations
  • Sealing calculations
  • Transport anchor
  • Buoyancy calculations
  • Radius calculations
  • Jacking force calculations
Special services
  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Supervising
  • Joint Venture
  • Leasing of production equipment
  • Sale of production equipment
  • Sale of installation materials
  • Planning and provision of a temporary field factory / production facility
  • Plant planning

Pipe technology
Solutions for every terrain

Achieving the goal with jacking technology

Our pipe jacking is used in all kinds of conditions: it works its way through rock, silt and clay but is also suitable for softer soil types such as gravel or sand. Using state of the art technology, our reinforced concrete pipes can achieve jacking distances in excess of 1500 m and curved trajectories up to a radius of 150 m. All that at an internal water pressure of up to 16.0 bar and an external water pressure of up to 5.0 bar.

  • Realistic definition of costs and timescales (in the case of microtunneling/pipe jacking)
  • Construction work largely unaffected by the weather
  • Virtually undisrupted overground activities
  • Hardly any vibration and building noise
  • Low emissions
  • Virtually no impact on road traffic
  • No lowering of the water table required
  • Existing pipes can be easily circumvented
  • Can be used irrespective of building density
  • Minimal impact on the environment and existing structures
  • Little spoil, meaning litte requirement for disposal
  • Can be used irrespective of building density

Shaft technology
In-depth solutions

In-depth know-how

Our technical capabilities in shaft construction are virtually inexhaustible. We have systems for every soil type and develop shafts up to 100 metres deep - with a diameter of up to twelve metres. Both inside and out, the shafts are impermeable to 10 bar.

We provide our clients with competent porject support and offer single source solutions: design, consulting and engineering. We also lease and sell the complete range of production equipment, built-in parts or tools.

  • Cheaper than the conventional construction method at depths greater than 20 metres
  • Shorter building times means faster work progress
  • Consistently high segment quality (because: prefabricated components in the prefabricated component factory, standardised work processes in production, easily manageable quality control)
  • Increased building site safety
  • Almost independet of weather conditions
  • Use in the ground water

Technology transfer:
Solutions for the future

Getting there together
We are there for our clients: from the first consultation to project completion and beyond.
Because we support our partners with numerous services in the consulting - design - engineering arenas.

  • Know-how and technology transfer
  • Technical specification
  • Joint Venture
  • Technical assistance with development, manufacturing and installation
  • Static calculation of the pipes
  • Employee training
  • Support in the start-up phase
  • Supervising production
  • Quality control
  • Factory planning
  • Procurement of the means of production

Special components
Solutions for every eventuality

Special challenges require special measures. 
Even with problematic soil conditions and difficult drilling conditions, we see to our customers competent side.

For this we have developed numerous special components

Intermediate jacking station
  • Subdivision of the jacking distance subsections
  • To extend jacking distances
  • Corrosion protection
  • Pressure rings with high load
  • As a combination of two pipe systems
  • Tensile resistant pipe section by welding the individual steel pipes
  • Use primarily in internally pressurised pipe systems
Bentonite lubrication system
neue Farben-Schmiernippel
  • For introducing bentonite between the jacking pipe and the surrounding earth
  • To reduce frictional forces
  • Bentonite as a lubricating and stabilising layer

In particularly difficult cases, we support our customers on site and jointly find solutions that are specially tailored to the respective drilling conditions and requirements.

Solutions for the whole world


Antofagasta, Chile
jacking pipe, sea outfall
Vancouver / Montreal, Canada
molds and supervising JV
Columbus, Ohio, USA
design, molds and supervising JV
St. Petersburg, Russia
molds and supervising JV
Medellín, Colombia
Design, molds, supervising
Mira, Portugal
field fabric
Hätzingen / Rufi / Cotlan, Schweiz
mountain tunnel
Kura West, Aserbaidschan
Kura river crossing
jacking pipe
Hongkong, China
side tunnel for new airport
jacking pipe
Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam
5 x Saigon River Crossing
Joint Venture

Our team

Leonhard Gollwitzer


Roland Ertl

Project Manager

Anatolij Krutowski

Project Manager

Tanja Dobmeyer

Assistant CEO


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